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Just a few comments from our Parents

"Since Kyle has started Bumble Bees he has grown up into a very smart and mature young boy. I feel the teachers have taught him to his best ability. The techniques and everything else he has learnt has had 100% effect on his behaviour and attitude at home."


Ms Hubble - 16th July 2012 our Pre~School Class

"I think Jay has come on in leaps and bounds since joining the Toddler Room. Everyone comments on how bright and clever he is for his age and me and his dad are really pleased with his development."


Ms Reeves 17th July 2012 our Toddler Room

"John has done really well since he has been at Bumble Bees. His speech has improved as well as his knowledge and understanding. He always comes home knowing something different."


Ms Ashington 16th July 2012 our Pre-School Room

"Since Touraa has started at Bumble Bees I have noticed a big improvement on his speech and his behaviour."


Ms Robinson 17th September 2012 our Pre School Room



"To All at Bumble Bees,

This is to express my gratitude to you all at Bumble Bees for looking after my daughter since she was 9 months old. I really appreaciate all your hard work and efforts invested in looking after the children at your nursery.

Bolu will surely miss all of you. You jave been so kind, so wonderful, the smiles you all wear to welcome parents and pupils are quite beautiful.


Thanks a bunch"


Mrs Oladeji 18th September 2012 our Pre~School Room

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