Just a few comments from our Parents

Bumble Bees Nursery Staff are just simply Amazing.

In relation to my children that attend the nursery, they go above and beyond to ensure they receive all the support they need. They really do demonstrate “Every Child Matters”, lastly, I admire how fond my children are of the Staff at the Nursery


C D-K (12-06-2018) Castle Bromwich Nursery

Nursery provided a safe and happy environment for Cain to play, learn and develop his social skills. Knowing that Cain is happy and well looked after has given me the confidence to go back to work which has benefited us as a family

The staff are so welcome that Cain’s big brother (who is 9) never wants to leave. Dylan will happily chat to the staff. The staff always make time to talk if I need to.


Thank you for everything


L C (14-06-2018) Stechford Nursery

My child has thrived since going to Bumble Bees. He has developed great relationships with Staff and children, as an only child its great he gets to socialise and mix with others.

His development is great and is very forward which o think is due to being around others and older children, such as walking at 10 months

Nursery provides lots of fun activities that he wouldn’t get to do at home. It also allows me and his dad to work full time to provide the best financially we can.


C T (14-06-2018) Castle Bromwich Nursery

Since Jake has been to nursery he has gained more confidence in day to day tasks like mixing with friends. He has also learnt more colours, words singing songs and counting.


S A (19-06-2018) Stechford Nursery

She is a lot more confident now, more talkative, she is learning a lot more, better interaction with other kids.

Communicating a lot better at home with us now. She is beginning to understand letter and numbers, reading them. More independent, thinking for herself and knows what she wants


S S (18-06-2018) Stechford Nursery

Junior enjoys the love he receives from staff. He is well taken care and he is well taken care of and he is comfortable enough in his surroundings to feel at home

Junior has plenty of interactions with sensory work, colouring, drawing and even foods.

Bumble Bees have taken care of all three of my children over the 7 years so they have become part of the family


A B (26-06-2018) Stechford Nursery

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